The Leader in Hydroforming Technology

The originator of structural automotive hydroforming, Vari-Form’s technology is used to manufacture millions of parts a year worldwide. Vari-Form began volume production using its production-validated Pressure- Sequence Hydroforming (PSH) process in 1989. Today, Vari-Form is the industry leader, with over 100 million parts produced to date. Innovation continues to be a hallmark of Vari-Form leadership.

For example, Vari-Form recently completed an in-depth, independent engineering study that shows hydroforming achieves 11 percent piece cost reduction, 14 percent tooling cost reduction and 7 percent weight reduction compared to state of the art stamping/welding processes. These cost and weight reductions are causing automakers from around the globe to consider hydroforming for a variety of structural applications.

Rear Rail

  • Provides excellent fit and finish
  • Eliminates flanges
  • Superior stiffness and strength
  • Improves noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

Space Frames

  • Reduces weight, with no sacrifice in structural integrity
  • Requires fewer welds; assembly time saving
  • Reduction in body shop floor space

Roof Rail

  • First flanged application in automotive industry
  • 9% piece price savings and 7% weight savings over stamped design
  • Complies with new roof crush tests that require additional reinforcement to passenger cabin,
    by providing improved structural performance and dimensional integrity, without the need for hot stamping

Front End Structures

  • First ever, in the automotive industry 31% tooling savings over stamped design and 12% piece cost savings over similar stamped design
  • Improves lateral and torsional stiffness
  • Provides significant savings for the OE in processing cost and floor space