The Manufacturing Process

The process begins with a thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements. Vari-Form’s experienced staff not only assist with design—utilizing the latest CAD technologies, but also assist with creating the necessary tooling.

Component prototyping takes place in Vari-Form engineering and development facilities, using production-intent methods. To date, Vari-Form has completed over 100 different prototype applications.

Actual production begins at Vari-Form’s Strathroy facility. A tube blank, typically three to ten feet long, and one to six inches in diameter, is placed in the forming die.

The tube is then filled and pressurized with water.

As the dies close, the pressure is gradually increased to shape the tube. During this stage the corners of the component are formed, retaining a constant wall thickness for exceptional structural integrity. Next, Vari-Form’s patented piercing technology is completed in the die. Access and mounting holes can be any shape or size, in any number. They can be clean pierced, or extruded for a threaded land. If expanded cross sections are necessary, pressure sequencing may be accompanied by an end push on the tube for minimized wall thinning.


Take a step-by-step look at Vari-Form’s proprietary process.