The Vari-Form Hydroforming Process begins with a thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements. Our experienced team can assist with design utilizing the latest CAD technologies, along with development all necessary tooling.

Component prototyping takes place in our engineering and development facilities, using production-intent methods. To date, Vari-Form has completed over 100 different prototype applications.


Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming

  • Tube blank, three to ten feet long, one to six inches in diameter gets placed in the forming die
  • Tube is filled and pressurized with water
  • As dies close, pressure is gradually increased to shape the tube
  • Corners of the component are formed, retaining a constant wall thickness for exceptional structural integrity

Vari-Form’s Patented Piercing Technology

  • Piercing is completed in the die
  • Access and mounting holes can be
    • Any shape
    • Any size
    • Any number
    • Clean pierced
    • Extruded for a threaded land