• 2000Japanese Licensee launches Honda Civic cradle – first JOEM hydroformed part
  • 2002Automotive Industry first front end structure in production for Dodge Ram
  • 2003Launch of new manufacturing plant in Reynosa
  • 2004First hydroformed front end structure on Chryslers’ mid-sized platform
  • 2005Plant “E” expands to accommodate hydroforming demand
  • 2007Vari-Form becomes an affiliate portfolio company of Sun Capital Partners, Inc.
  • Vari-Form awarded F-150 Roof Rail contract, opens Liberty, Missouri plant
  • Vari-Form receives the Henry Ford Technology Award
  • 2008Hydroplast™ introduced on the Ford Falcon in Australia
  • Vari-Form becomes Ford Q1 Certified

Milestones – 2000’s

Our History

  • First to Market
  • Leadership
  • Recognition