Manufacturing with High-Strength Steels

Pressure-Sequencing Hydroforming means superior results

  • Vari-Form’s Patented Pressure-Sequencing approach forms a part without wall thinning or unwanted tube deformation
  • The result: greater structural integrity and engineering accuracy
  • In-the-die hole punching eliminates post-production operations, saving time and cost, helping to assure final part quality
  • Increases formability by applying hydraulic pressure in stages
  • Corner radius areas are formed by exceeding the yield limit of the tube material in a bending mode, rather than in a tensile mode
  • Tube formation is controlled while the die is closing, tendency for the tube to pinch at the die split line is virtually eliminated

High-Pressure Hydroforming

  • Vari-Form provides complete capabilities for our global customers currently producing traditional High-Pressure Hydroformed parts

Vari-Form delivers, weight and cost savings, while improving quality

  • Vari-Form’s Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming has revolutionized global automotive production
  • Produce complex parts from tubes between one and six inches in diameter with a wide range of materials including aluminum and ultra, advanced high-strength steel
  • Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming is a more efficient and productive alternative to stamping
    closed-section assemblies

or High Pressure